May 18, 2009

Phlegmatic ....

by Wyza Ibrahem

Ni aku jawap soalan kat facebbok, pastu dapat result ni... Ntah pe la PHLEGMATIC... Pe menatang ni... hahaha...


You are an easy going, caring, and kind person. Some Phlegmatics have an amazing sense of humor and can crack jokes without even a grin. You tend to get along well with most anyone and keep most things to yourself. You are always looking for the easy way to do things and often procrastinate. Phlegmatics are generally attracted to Cholerics of the opposite sex.


  1. akak..dah dpt dah td..
    ada 3 je kan? tp 2 je selamat..yg 1 tu pecah masa on da way kot
    thanks ek...
    buat la 'chat' kat blog ni..senang skit huhu